Individualised Meal Plans

What's included?

This service is either an add on for the 1-1 consultation, or is available for those who would like to individualise a 7-day meal plan to their own specific needs and goals. For example:

1-1 consutlation add-on

You've had a 1-1 consultation and would like to have a personalised 7-day meal plan based on your specific needs and goals. 


$60 AUD add on from the 1-1 consultation.  

3-Week Plant-Based Meal Guide tweaked

You've purchased the 3-Week Plant-Based Meal Guide and want to optimise and adjust 7 days of the guide (you choose whether you'd like to amend week 1, week 2 or week 3) to your own goals and requirements. 

You will fill out a compehrensive data entry that will give me insight into your individual energy and nutritional needs, specific goals, and what will be most sustainable and durable for you within the meal plan. From there, I will adjust and amend one week of the  3-Week Plant-Based Meal Guide guide according to your goals and requirements with a new and improved plan. 


$45 AUD add on from the 3-Week Plant-Based Meal Guide
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Raquel Rebelo, Clinical Nutritionist 

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