Let’s eat more plants

Why we all need to be eating more plants!


Unlocking health and longevity with plant-based whole foods

Everywhere you look, nutrition books, podcasts, and online gurus claim they have the secret code to your health's success.

In a world inundated with nutritional trends like low carb, keto, carnivore, and even 100% vegan diets, it's essential to recognise the pitfalls of absolutes. The search for a magic pill or quick fix often leaves us more bewildered than enlightened about what to include in our diets. Instead of dictating 'what' you should eat, my focus is on explaining 'why.'

Whether you're looking to make small dietary changes or embark on a journey toward a healthier, plant-rich diet, my mission is to provide you with the knowledge and insight you need to make informed choices. Discover the science behind plant-based whole foods and their potential to promote longevity and overall well-being.

1. Do you feel lost when it comes to what diet you should be following for optimal health?

2. Do you feel you don’t know what to eat to accomplish this?

3. Are you wanting to adopt a plant-predominant or plant-based diet but have no idea how or where to start?
1. Simplify the large body of evidence-based literature into actionable, digestible, simple steps.

2. Give you the ‘how to’ with plant-predominant eating (deliciousrecipes, shopping lists, educational bite-sized videos, you name it!)

3. Feel less confused, lost and overwhelmed, and rather more excited, empowered and enthusiastic about your health with direct support. 

A plant-based diet without the guesswork, confusion and overwhelm