What is a clinical nutritionist?

A clinical nutritionist must...

Be qualified

Graduated with a minimum, three-year Bachelor of Health Science (BSc) degree, with 300 hours of clinical placement.​

Be registered

Registered with a national industry association that ensures continued professional development and accountability.

Evidence based

Expertise as a clinical nutritionist is always evidence-based, aligned with the most accurate and latest scientific research.

Unlocking the role of a clinical nutritionist

As a clinical nutritionist, I blend the latest evidence-based research with a holistic approach to meet you where you are, aiming to inspire a plant-based dietary journey.

My educational journey included an intensive three-year Bachelor of Health Science (BSc) program, immersing me in a wide range of subjects such as biology, social sciences, nutritional biochemistry, weight management, clinical nutrition, dietary planning, sports nutrition, nutritional physiology research, and public health nutrition, among others. This comprehensive coursework was complemented by 300 hours of hands-on clinical placement experience.

Recognising the qualifications of certified clinical nutritionists

Qualified clinical nutritionists are officially recognised as health practitioners under the Australian Therapeutic Goods Act. Unlike an online 6-week nutrition course, a personal trainer or Instagram influencer, a clinical nutritionist has completed a three-year tertiary degree at a minimum, as well as 300+ hours of supervised clinical placement

A clinical nutritionist isn't 

  • A holistic health coach 

  • An unqualified Tik Toker

  • A personal trainer with no university degree

  • A self-proclaimed wellness princess

Instead, a clinical nutritionist is 

  • Holds a Bachelor's degree in health science (university qualified)

  • Completed a minimum of 300 hours of supervised clinical placement

  • Registered with an appropriate industry association


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