Dietary Review

Dietary review, what's included in your nutritional analysis?

A dietary review offers valuable insights for those seeking to enhance their diet by identifying specific nutrients and nutritional factors that may be deficient in their current eating habits. Upon inquiry, you'll receive a 5-day food diary to submit for analysis by our clinical nutritionist, utilising a professional software program. The result is a downloadable PDF report that includes:

  • Personalised food swaps to optimise nutritional intake and prevent potential deficiencies.
  • Identification of nutrient gaps, along with recommendations for food sources to address them.
  • An optional comprehensive overview of your current nutrient intake, covering both micronutrients and macronutrients.

How does it differ from a standard consultation?

The dietary review is distinct in that there is no telehealth consultation. Instead, it provides a direct assessment of your current diet, offering insights on nutritional improvements in a downloadable PDF format. Please note that if you have a specific health goal that you'd like to focus on (such as weight loss, fatigue, bloating, etc.), you will need an initial consultationThis option is solely for those who would like evidence-based advice and recommendations on strictly improving and optimising their current diet. 



Your Journey To A Healthier Lifestyle

Raquel Rebelo, Clinical Nutritionist 

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