My philosophy

Unlocking the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle

My job is to meet you in the middle and offer you guidance on your plant-based food journey.

Perhaps you're wondering, "What if I'm not ready to embrace a 100% plant-based or vegan diet?" Rest assured, that's precisely why I'm here, to meet you at your own pace. Many individuals believe they must commit fully to a plant-based diet or not bother at all. However, I advocate for a more inclusive, flexible, and fluid interpretation of  plant-based  that aligns with your unique preferences and needs.

Empowering you to embrace more plant-based choices

My ultimate goal is to inspire you to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet. Whether it's adopting meatless Mondays, diversifying your meals with a variety of plant-based options, adding vibrant colours to your plate, or nourishing your mind, body, and soul with wholesome choices, there are countless ways to enhance your diet. The evidence suggests that various dietary approaches, including vegan, plant-based, plant-predominant, pescatarian, vegetarian, or flexitarian, can promote health. The common thread? A predominant focus on plant-based foods

Boosting your confidence with recipes and evidence-based nutrition insights

I hope that my recipes and simplified, evidence-based nutrition information will empower you to feel more confident in embracing a more plant-centric lifestyle.


Your Journey To A Healthier Lifestyle

Raquel Rebelo, Clinical Nutritionist 

Why do I prefer the plant-based label over a vegan label? Listen to the podcast Everything in Between with Radiquel.

In this episode, we cover my vegan journey, my thoughts on the label, why I no longer call myself vegan and everything in between.

Want a FREE guide on plant-based protein?

Want a FREE guide on plant-based protein?

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