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Want to feel the power of individualised nutritional intervention?

As a clinical nutritionist, I combine cutting-edge, evidence-based research with a holistic approach to meet you where you're at, hoping to inspire you to eat more plants. 

During the three-year Bachelor of Health Science (BSc) degree, I dived head-deep into biological and social sciences, nutritional biochemistry, weight management, clinical nutrition, dietary planning, sports nutrition, nutritional physiology research, and public health nutrition (to name a few). All these theories and concepts were also implemented with 300 hours of clinical placement.

In today's times, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and confused about your health.

Within the online world, there is a profound amount of misinformation and nuance surrounding nutrition. I aim to help you decipher through the perplexing world of health, simplifying complex information in a digestible and practical way. After years of education and clinical experience, my accreditations ensure I can support and empower you with full credibility in such a highly saturated market.

Raquel Rebelo
Clinical Nutritionist (BSc)

A clinical nutritionist must...

Be qualified

Graduated with a minimum, three-year Bachelor of Health Science (BSc) degree, with 300 hours of clinical placement.​

Be registered

Registered with a national industry association that ensures continued professional development and accountability.

Evidence based

Expertise as a clinical nutritionist is always evidence-based, aligned with the most accurate and latest scientific research.

Want a FREE guide on plant-based protein?

Want a FREE guide on plant-based protein?

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