I am training every day but not seeing results

Icon Training daily but seeing no results?

I am training every day but not seeing results

“I don’t understand; I’m training hard but am not getting stronger?”

Six hours at the gym is equivalent to roughly three per cent of your weekly expenditure. Let that sink in—only a stinking three per cent of the week.
When people say it's 80% diet, 20% training, it makes me laugh as to where that magical statistic came from, given training is only three per cent of your week. May I ask what you’re doing for the other 96.5% of the time?
I'm not suggesting that exercise and training are pointless; what I'm trying to say is that what you do for 96.5% of your week weighs a lot more gravity than your 3.5% training load.

Training is imperative for physical strength, bone mineral density, cardiovascular health and mental well-being (to name a few)!

What I'm trying to highlight here is that you cannot expect to reap the rewards (whatever that is for you, depending on your goals) by solely training 4-6 hours a week, neglecting your nutrition, hydration, sleep & so on for the 96.5% remainder of the week.

Arguably, the latter is far more critical (at least for most of our clients) for achieving their desired results!

Suppose you’re feeling lost as to why you do not see results with your training. In that case, you'll see that this site's "Base Training" section is all about answering these questions. It was created so you know the fundamentals of a well-organized, nutritionally sound dietary pattern and lifestyle that empowers you with evidence-based advice and information for making it optimal and sustainable.