Today I am sharing how you can lose the best weight possible! What is it you ask?<br />

Icon The best weight you will ever lose

Today I am sharing how you can lose the best weight possible! What is it you ask?

The best weight you’ll ever lose is the weight of other people's opinions. However long other people's opinion dictates your life, is however long you won't live.

Know your value
Doing core values work is a game changer. When you understand your core beliefs, ideologies and values, you know exactly what you want in a friend, partner or workplace, for example, to encapsulate. Getting to know yourself and doing core value work is imperative to learning your worth. It means you don't waste time or energy on ‘things’ that aren't going to bring your life value.
Stay in your lane
To put it simply, who cares what the person in the other lane is doing? Stop wasting time looking at either side of you. Instead, focus on the race in front of you. The only competition you have is with who you were yesterday. And what do you do when people try to compete? You look the other way.
People are going to talk. People will always have their opinion and freely share them too. What they say about you says more about them than it will ever say about you. Those genuinely there for you will always be your biggest supporters; the rest is irrelevant.
We always say you could be as beautiful as the ocean, fast and free, yet there will always be someone who says you’re not their cup of tea. Shrink for no one. Live authentically and love what you do; people will always have something to say, no matter what you do.