Elevate your understanding of plant-based / vegan nutrition with evidence-based bite-sized videos. Our base trainings offer expert guidance for optimal plant-based dietary choices and well-being.

Welcome to Radiquel's Vegan Nutrition Base Trainings, where we simplify the large body of current evidence on plant-based nutrition into bite-sized video trainings.

It's all good and well for us to explain what we should eat, but the why is equally, if not more important. The subsequent video training modules will cover the nuances around plant-based nutrition and vegan well-being to simplify the large and complex body of evidence.

Although we use the term "plant-based," this style of eating and base training videos are not about labels or for individuals who are strictly wanting to embrace a vegan diet. Instead, our goal is to dispel misinformation, enhance your health, and assist you in understanding your dietary choices' influence on your body and mind, regardless of how you label your diet.

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​Radiquel's online Australian base training portal provides a transformative journey towards a vegan and plant-based lifestyle, offering an array of vegan training modules and live training sessions.

You can access these nutrition-focused modules once you have signed up or logged in. 

Introduction to plant-based eating

  • What does it mean to eat plant-based / plant predominant?

  • What is the difference between vegan, plant-based & plant-predominant? 

  • The research behind a predominant plant diet 

  • The research behind a predominant plant diet for weight management 

  • The research behind a predominant plant diet for heart health

  • The research behind a predominant plant diet for cancer prevention

  • The research behind a predominant plant diet for longevity 

  • The Blue Zones and what we can learn from them

  • Common mistakes with a plant-based diet 

  • Red flags of standard plant-based advice

Nutrients of focus

  • Iron on a plant-based diet

  • Calcium on a plant-based diet

  • Zinc on a plant-based diet 

  • Selenium on a plant-based diet

  • B12 on a plant-based diet

  • Omega 3 fatty acids on a plant-based diet

  • Iodine on a plant-based diet

Plant-based protein

  • Is plant-based protein complete?

  • How much protein do we need? 

  • Why do we need more protein with a plant-based diet?

  • What is leucine & why is it important?

  • Plant-based sources of protein

  • What about soy?

  • Signs you’re not eating enough protein

  • Plant protein powder comparison

Building a balanced plate

  • Carbohydrates on a plant-based diet 

  • Carbohydrate sources

  • Fats on a plant-based diet

  • Fat sources

  • The Plate Method

Fibre Powered

  • What is fibre

  • Importance of fibre

  • Health benefits of fibre

  • How much fibre do we need, and how much is too much?

  • Best sources of fibre

  • How to mitigate gastrointestinal discomfort  

Gut microbiome health

  • What is the gut microbiome?

  • How does the food we eat affect the gut microbiome?

  • But what about gluten?

  • Lectins

  • The role of diversity and gut health

  • Fermented foods and the gut microbiome

  • The gut-brain axis

Micro & phytonutrients for health & longevity 

  • Vitamin D

  • Sulforaphane

  • Antioxidants

  • Does cooking affect vitamins and minerals

In the realm of nutrition, clarity is key. Welcome to our Vegan Nutrition Base Trainings, your source for comprehensive and concise education on plant-based dietary choices. Here, we unravel the complexities of vegan nutrition through easily digestible video modules, ensuring you gain the knowledge you need for a thriving plant-based lifestyle.

Our Vegan Nutrition Base Trainings are designed to demystify the vast field of plant-based nutrition. Beyond just telling you what to eat, we delve into the 'why' behind your dietary choices. With evidence-based bite-sized training videos, we offer you a clear understanding of the nuances of plant-based nutrition and its impact on overall well-being.

While the term "plant-based" often comes with specific connotations, our base training videos transcend labels. Our focus isn't solely on catering to strict vegans; it's about empowering everyone interested in a plant-based lifestyle with knowledge. Our aim is to debunk myths, enhance health, and provide you with insights into how dietary choices influence your body and mind, regardless of the dietary label you use.

Radiquel's Vegan Nutrition Base Trainings are more than just a collection of videos – they're your pathway to informed dietary decisions. With a commitment to evidence-based education, we guide you through the essentials of vegan nutrition, dispelling confusion and equipping you with the tools to make optimal dietary choices.

We understand that time is precious. Our video modules are intentionally bite-sized, delivering crucial information without overwhelming you. These concise yet comprehensive trainings ensure that you absorb key concepts easily, making the journey towards improved nutrition and well-being accessible and effective.

For those seeking to optimise their plant-based lifestyle for physical performance, Radiquel's Vegan Nutrition Base Training has you covered. Learn how to fuel your strength training regimen with the right plant-based nutrition strategies, helping you reach your fitness goals with confidence.

Whether you're new to plant-based eating or a seasoned vegan, our base training offers valuable nutrition tips and meal planning guidance. From balanced meal ideas to ensuring you meet essential nutrient requirements, our videos equip you with the practical tools to thrive on a plant-based diet.

Radiquel's Vegan Nutrition Base Trainings embrace the holistic approach to well-being. We understand that true health encompasses mind, body, and diet. By providing insights into the interplay between your dietary choices and overall well-being, we empower you to make informed decisions for a vibrant life.

Elevate your understanding of plant-based nutrition, debunk myths, and make informed dietary choices for a healthier and more mindful life.

Join us in uncovering the essentials of plant-based nutrition. Radiquel's Vegan Nutrition Base Trainings offer you a clear and concise pathway to making informed dietary choices that align with your well-being goals. Enrol today and empower your nutritional journey.

 If you need additional support or have any questions, I am always here to help! You can email me at [email protected], and I will get back to you as soon as possible.