Follow up consultation

What's included?

A 30-minute Telehealth 1-1 follow-up consultation allows us to adjust your initial treatment plan and treat other health-related complaints and goals you'd like to address with your diet. Once your consultation is completed, you will receive another individualised treatment plan outlining your dietary health goals, nutritional swaps and other appropriate resources. 

How many follow-up consults will I need?

This is going to depend, as I believe everyone is different! Depending on your presenting complaints and health goals, some people may require ongoing support every few weeks or months, while others may need just one follow-up consultation for minor tweaks and changes!


$85.50 AUD for the consultation, inclusive of a personalised treatment plan PDF download with resources, recipes and your unique dietary and lifestyle goals. 

Your Journey To A Healthier Lifestyle

Raquel Rebelo, Clinical Nutritionist 

Want to secure a follow-up consultation?

Spots are limited each week, so if you'd like a 1-1, fill in the form below, and I'll be in touch!