Food journal

How to use your food journal

The nutritional panel for lunches and dinners are based on two servings.

However, considering this is not an individualised meal plan and is rather a meal guide, two servings of a recipe may be way too much or too little. For some, it may be 2 more satiating, larger servings, and for others, it may be 4 moderate servings. If you are not satiated, double the recipe and eat until satisfied, finding what amount suits your needs best. Alternatively, if you are struggling to eat an entire serving of a meal, feel free to either halve the portion or simply eat to your satisfaction.

I encourage you to practise what is known as intuitive eating.

Intuitive eating is a more helpful, wholesome and nourishing ethos to eating. For more information on intuitive eating, see the “A healthy relationship with food” module in the mindset section of the Base Trainings.

Click here for your your food journal that you can print off copies for each week. It's a great way to keep track of what you've eaten and spot opportunities for improvement that will help you build healthy and most importantly lasting habits.